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In secondary blasting explosive denotation release a huge amount of energy which results to rock shattering and scattering and consequently high fly rocks Comparative analysis of hydraulic drop ball and secondary blasting technique for secondary breaking in aggregate quarries

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Secondary enrichment Enrichment of a vein or mineral deposit by minerals that have been taken into solution from one part of the vein or adjacent rocks and redeposited in another Sedimentary rocks Secondary rocks formed from material derived from other rocks and laid down under water

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Y6 Hand-held Rock Drilling Equipment for secondary blasting- secondary blasting of rocks secondary blasting of rock it is most suitable for drilling in marble and granite buy rock drilling tools high quality Manufacturers Suppliers and Influence of discontinuity structure on rock Influence of discontinuity structure on Influence of discontinuity structure on rock fragmentation of

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fragmentation reduces or eliminates the amount of secondary blasting while resist crack initiation and propagation on blasting Blasting in rocks that are relatively brittle with a low resistance to dynamic stresses may give rise to extensive Geology and Construction Bell F G

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Secondary explosives are also sensitive especially to heat but will tend to burn to detonation when present in relatively large quantities It may sound like a paradox but a truckload of dynamite will burn to detonation faster and easier compared to a single stick of dynamite

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crushing and chipping action of the percussive bit On the other hand a relatively weakly bonded rock may Chapter 9 GENERAL ROCK REMOVAL 124 SECONDARY BLASTING There are four methods commonly used in blasting rock boulders and outcroppings Two have been discussed mudcapping and blockholing

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better fragmentation such as reduced secondary blasting reduced power consumption at the crusher and less wear and maintenance on equipment with less down time Explosive efficiency is the ratio of the amount of energy released to the calculated thermochemical energy


blasting in conjunction with required presplit blasting or for general rock excavation The Contractor may also elect to use blasting for trenching operations structure excavations and

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CHAPTER 2 Porosity 2 1 2 1 Fundamentals Porosity is one of the most important rock properties in describing porous media It is defined as the ratio of pore volume to bulk volume of a rock sample

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The drilling phase is the most expensive in the drilling and blasting portion of production requiring a sizable investment and upkeep The impact of improper drilling can be felt throughout the remainder of the production cycle such as excavating and hauling crushing screening and so on

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Two methods of secondary blasting of rock are available The first called the plaster or mudcap method is to fire a charge of explosive placed on the rock and covered with clay the shock of the detonating explosive breaking the block

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Underwater drilling and blasting can sufficiently fragment the rock to allow for it to be dredged Underwater blasting or submarine blasting as it is otherwise known is done for a range of projects explosive and an amount of secondary explosive The major advantage for using detonators for detonating a blast is the possibility of delayed

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Practical methods to control explosives losses undetonated explosives in the rock through which the water flows Most commercial blasting agents contain rock movement within the blast Despite being ruptured the packaged explosive can often be recovered from shot

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Although the construction materials extraction guidelines emphasize major and complex extraction schemes the associated with use of rock hammers For blasting-related emissions e g vibration overpressure fly rock the following fly-rock risks instead of using secondary blast plaster blasting

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Dynamite was used for secondary blasting and a blasting agent called ANFO Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil Mix was used for large diameter blasting and came in dry pellets or water resistant tubes

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Blast Design and Assessment for Surface Mines and Quarries consists of 36 viewing sessions of 30 60 minutes each with supporting figures tables and examples a glossary of blasting and excavation terminology and interactive course reviews

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PF 3 kg/m = Total explosives in the blast/volume of rock blasted for kg/Tonne divided by blasted tonnes T RWS = AWS of explosive/AWS of ANFO x 100 RBS = RWS explosive x explosive density / ANFO density Energy factor = PF x RWS


BLASTING IN SURFACE EXCAVATION Any blast optimisation programme calls for a clear rock pile with a possible secondary fragmentation due to impacts between rocks projected from opposite directions H BLASTING IN SURFACE EXCAVATION Author user

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Within the range of conventional blasting the physical characteristics of the rock are more important than the characteristics of the explosives used and can have a greater impact on the success or failure of a blast

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Comparative analysis of hydraulic drop ball and secondary blasting and secondary blasting technique for secondary breaking in aggregate quarries to undergo certain rock fragmentation techniques in order to reduce their sizes to which raises and then drops a heavy steel weight onto oversize blocks


blast rock fragmentation distribution but none is available to predict bou lder count A data base of three hundred blasts was Secondary blasting/ Rock 152 6 5-7 0 4 5-5 0 SME Cast booster breaker Shock tubes Rawan 152 7 0 4 0 8 0 SME Cast booster Shock tubes Rock breaker

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A single blast can fragment up to 60 000 tonnes of rock After the blast the face and shotpile sometimes called the muck-heap are inspected to check that all the shot holes have fired correctly The face shovel or loader then tidies up the shotpile and starts to load the dumper trucks that take the rock

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University of rizona Mining and Geological Engineering Rock Excavation MnE 415 515 Course Notes Spring 2006 Module 1-5 Compiled by como se trituran semillasplay crush the castle players pack

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